2024 Team Ram Internship

The office of State Senator Ram Villivalam is now accepting applications for our Winter/Spring 2024 Internship. Senator Villivalam has promised the 8th District progressive, effective leadership and top-notch constituent services. Our team needs detail-oriented, experienced individuals to help enact these promises and ensure we continue to reach all constituents through new and different tools needed.

Residents interested in this opportunity can email their resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by December 15, 2023. Please include a breif, 1-2 paragraph, statement of interest in the body of your email, and three professional references.


Internship Testimonials:Interns Volunteering 2019

Mercedes Rodriguez:

I first learned about the fellowship through my professor, who emailed me the opportunity to intern at the Ram Villivalam office. My experience interning at the office was incredible. Senator Villivalam's right hands, Vanessa and Veton, were excited to have me and two other fellows interning; they were welcoming and friendly. They both took the time to teach us the work they did within their district and the impact it has on residents. I learned the importance of doing Constituent services, assisting with case intake, and providing critical services when challenges arose for Constituents. I also learned how to comply with and organize vital resources for constituents seeking specific resources. Another skill I gained from my experience is doing community outreach. I learned engaging in the community is highly important because residents are often unaware of the available resources or assistance that can help them, whether they are having challenges getting in contact with state benefits or other state-level issues. The knowledge and skills I gained during interning have given me another perspective on the importance of doing such work in communities. I am forever grateful and humbled to be allowed to work alongside individuals who have a passion for doing the work they do.

Olga Shalaeva:

My name is Olga, and I am a Russian undergraduate student at NEIU majoring in Political Science. I interned for State Senator Ram Villivalam’s office from January to June 2023. It was a priceless experience that enriched my knowledge of the US government and the political process. I had the opportunity to work on various tasks and projects that challenged me and helped me develop new skills. I am grateful for this internship, which gave me a unique perspective I would not have gained anywhere else. Some of the tasks and projects I worked on during my internship included researching policy issues, communicating with constituents, and organizing events and outreach activities. I enjoyed working on these tasks and projects, as they allowed me to apply my academic knowledge to real-world situations and to learn from the best practices of the Senator and his office. I also appreciated the feedback and guidance from the Senator and his staff, who were always supportive and encouraging. They helped me improve my communication, analytical skills, and understanding of the legislative process and the issues affecting the state and the nation. One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship was being part of a team that valued my contributions and respected my opinions. I had the chance to interact and collaborate with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, who taught me a lot about their experiences and views. I felt welcomed and appreciated by the Senator and his staff. They cared about my personal and professional growth and provided me with opportunities to learn and network with other professionals in the field. I am very thankful for this internship, an opportunity I will never forget. It was a valuable and enjoyable experience that enhanced my education and prepared me for my future career. I also gained a lot of respect and admiration for the Senator and his office, who are doing a fantastic job of serving and representing the people of Illinois. I am proud to have been part of their team, and I hope to stay in touch with them and continue to learn from them. I highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in politics and public service, as it is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that will change your life.

EmilyLimEmily Lim:

Interning with Senator Ram Villivalam and his staff was an incredibly meaningful experience. While working at the Senator’s office, I learned the importance of engaging with one’s local community through policymaking and community service, a lesson I carry into my future. Through the opportunity to conduct a policy proposal, I discovered my agency as a high-schooler—now a first-year university student—to enact structural, material change within my communities. Being introduced to the power of self-agency and political advocacy through policymaking is a life-changing gift that the Senator and his staff helped me learn. Additionally, staffing community events and managing constituent casework made me feel proud to say I was directly contributing to the livelihood of my community members; I left the Senator’s office with the irreplaceable knowledge of being a more aware, engaged community member. Above all, the interpersonal connections I built with the Senator, his staff, and my other fellows extend beyond the duration of the fellowship. The Senator and his team created an environment prioritizing the fellows’ career and personal growth through constant kindness and teamwork. I felt highly supported because of the Senator’s staff’s willingness to teach and encouragement to make mistakes. As I enter the next steps of my life, I can confidently say I have the skills to navigate the world of government and policymaking from Senator Ram Villivilam’s fellowship program. I am forever grateful for the compassion and support of the Senator, his staff, and my other fellows and the lessons and experiences I’ve gained from the fellowship.